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Introducing our Volcano Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Humidifier - the perfect household item for creating a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. With a columnar shape and sleek black colour, this diffuser boasts up to 3 fog outlets and operates at a quiet noise level of below 36dB. Equipped with water shortage and power failure protection, this machine is safe and easy to operate with its mechanical operation mode. Our diffuser supports four different specifications - American, British, European, and Australian - and has a standard capacity of 350ml. Made with plastic liner material, this Ultrasonic Oil Humidifier is a must-have for anyone looking to create a calm and soothing environment in their home.



1. Simulation flame lighting effect;
2. Healing jellyfish smoke ring effect;
3. Aromatherapy soothes sleep and stress;
4. Delicate mist removes the dryness;
5. Smart 2/8 hours timing settings;
6. Automatic power off when water is used up;
7. Ultra-silent work does not disturb sleep and work.

Product Information:

Function: Ultrasonic
Applicable object: household
Shape: Columnar
Noise: below 36dB
Water shortage and power failure protection: support
Operation mode: mechanical
Number of fog outlets: 3
Rated voltage: 24V
Rated power: 10W
Colour: Black
Specifications: American, British, European, Australian
Liner material: plastic
Standard capacity: 350ml
Shell process: spraying
Capacity: 350ml
Liner material: ABS/PP/silicone/electronic components
Fragrance type: mixed fragrance
Material: Incense

"Black" is a full crack two-color remote control 

"Yellow flame bead" is a monochrome flame 

"Blue flame bead" is a blue flame two-color remote control

Packing list:




Volcano Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Humidifier

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